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Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876)
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Index of chants and/or other music written by this composer that other composers have arranged for their own chant.
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    Fingerprint Key First
References Arranged by: Comments
      -1  -2   5  -2   2 A♭ a'♭ 83251‑143‑2AnonymousCantus firmus by S.S. Wesley in tenor
       2   0   2   3   2 F f' 8216‑93Marlow, Richard Kennethafter Wesley "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace (pss. 139 & 119)
       5   3   0  -1  -7 g d' 8225‑130Marlow, Richard Kenneth(5 part) after Wesley: Wash me throughly from my wickedness (Ps. 51)

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