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Sartin, Paul Jonathan (1971- )

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Additional comments: As a singer, oboist, violinist, composer and arranger Paul performs and records extensively with BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winners and nominees Bellowhead, Belshazzar’s Feast and Faustus. His publications of music include the Bellowhead Songbook and Last Post Tunebook; he delivers workshops, is Consultant and Director of the Andover Museum Loft Singers, and is an Artist in Residence with Bellowhead at the Southbank Centre in London. Having gained an Honours Degree and Choral Scholarship at Oxford, he was awarded a First for his Masters in Traditional Music, and in 2007 received a 75th Anniversary Award from the English Folk Dance and Song Society. His composition, ‘The Hartlepool Monkey’ for Streetwise Opera, was nominated for a BASCA award in 2011, and he has recently completed a commission for the Choir of Somerville College, Oxford.

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    Fingerprint Key First
   ===== Double chants =====
      -2   7  -5   0  -7 (2, -)  E♭ b'♭ 338‑1; 74*‑126
       0   2   0  -2   5 (2, 1)  A♭ e'♭ 74*‑265‑a; 74*‑265‑b
      f e'♭ 338‑2‑a; 338‑2‑b
       5   2   1   0  -1 (2, -)  c g' 338‑3; 74*‑127