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Boardman, John George (c1819-c1898)

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Additional comments: From ""The Music Herald and Tonic Sol-Fa Reporter"", Volume 598-609: ""The late Mr. J. G. Boardman. Londoners who have passed middle age will remember the constant appearance of the name of Mr. Boardman, as organist at the Crystal Palace, and at Exeter Hall during the time of the National Choral Society. Mr. Boardman, whose life was prolonged to the age of 79, died on the 2nd ult. He entered the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral in 1828, at the age of nine, and received a spartan training from William Hawes, whose baton did not always beat the air. Here he hud John and Edward Hopkins and G. W. Martin as fellow choristers. He sang at the funeral of George IV, at the coronation and funeral of William IV, and at the coronation of Queen Victoria. Attwood taught him the organ. For nearly thirty years he laboured at Clapham Grammar School; indeed, his musical life was spent in South London, where be was much esteemed.""
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    Fingerprint Key First
   ===== Single chants =====
      -2   3   2   2   0 F a' 16174‑2♦
       0  -4  -1   0   0 ( 1, 1)  c c" 161124‑2♦
       3  -2  -1  -4   5 ( 1, 2)  A c"# 161128‑2♦