Identify a chant through the fingerprint

Enter the intervals of the fingerprint in the boxes below:


A few simple rules:

  • Enter the fingerprint in the spaces provided. Clicking the button will show a page with all chants (i.e. melodies/treble parts) starting with that fingerprint. The list includes the composer name and the total number of references for that chant (melody).
  • If you don't know the full fingerprint you may enter the first two intervals of the fingerprint and you will be transferred to a page with all fingerprints starting with these intervals (if they exist). Clicking one of these fingerprints will show a list as described above.
  • Normally the fingerprint is five intervals but occasionally the fingerprint for a very short chant is less than five;
    in that case leave the "*" in the remaining fields. NOTE: an empty field will be interpreted as 0.
  • If you enter a fingerprint that does not exist in the database you will get a pop-up message to tell you. Press the OK-button to go back to this page.
  • If you enter something invalid (non-numeric or outside the range -24 through +24) the field will be marked in red.
    Correct it and try again.